Meet Britt McVicar

BrittBioBritt McVicar, Certified Personal Trainer

A unique personal training experience

I grew up in Nebraska where I was always active in sports and group fitness classes. Being a Husker fan my whole life I attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln. After 12 long years hunched over at a desk and crunching numbers, I decided to take a chance and do something I love.

Now based in Olympia, I am certified through the American College of Sports Medicine to be a personal trainer. I am also a certified lifestyle coach and a very soon to be a certified Yoga teacher.

My passion is helping people like you find a realistic fitness plan. As a former 8-5 office worker, I know what it’s like to be exhausted after a day of sitting. So I’ve spent a lot of time developing sustainable ways for people to incorporate fitness into their daily lives, often disguising it as fun. 🙂

I enjoy making people laugh and love to see people relax and smile. I believe in safe and effective exercise. Your body is unique and I tailor exercise to meet your ability, interests, and goals. I believe in a healthy, protected body and mind.

Check out the free videos (coming soon!) and learn about the foundations of some of our favorite and most effective exercises. Contact me for personal training options. The internet is a beautiful invention and allows me to help people all over the world.

Thank you for visiting the site and I hope you leave with at least a half-smile. :p


personal trainer, humorist, happy person most of the time