Bremerton Fairgrounds SCC #6

Well, it seems kinda pathetic that I can’t seem to find a way to keep this blog updated, but here is my first post since April…

November 9, 2008- Seattle Cyclocross Race Report for Bremerton Fairgrounds (SCC #6)

Michael Lewis and I spent about 30 minutes on our trainers under rainy, but not pouring, conditions and fairly mild temperature. We found a dry spot near the fairgrounds pavillion building. After a ride around the course, which revealed an awesome mix of mud, singletrack, barnstorming, gravel flats and field riding, we gathered with the rest for our departure.

At the whistle, everyone took off fairly slowly going into the first barriers but then the race was on and the strung out quickly. i was able to get free of much of the crowd fairly quickly, but the race leaders were off and away, and not necessarily what I was after anyway. I found a few riders who I know have been finishing in the top 20 through the series and decided to have them pace me since when I ride by myself I generally ride slower. It worked, and I was able to keep a steady pace through all of the barns, single track, and mud pits. Actually, I lost several places in the muddy swamp as it sucked all of the energy in my legs.

In the end, though, I held on long enough to get to the final sprint where I won back a few positions on riders who were cruising across the line. After all was said and done, I finished 19th and moved to 33rd in the series standings.

Michael finished higher up on his standings from his previous race and enjoyed the mud. We met up after the race and were able to get some pictures with other Valley riders who were out for the day (noteably the Jeffs.)

Next week is the State Cyclocross Championship race. Who knows what that race holds for me…

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