Chiropractic Services

Gentle Adjusting Techniques
Dr. Andy is trained in multiple techniques including manual adjusting, instrument adjusting, and soft tissue work.  He has worked with newborns, the elderly, and all ages in between.  His techniques are chosen to match the patient’s needs and comfort.

Auto Accident & Work Injury (Labor and Industries) Management
Dr. Rosser is qualified to open injury claims and coordinate care with other providers (massage, physical therapy, and specialty medical care) to help you achieve the best possible outcome from your injury.  For services we don’t provide in the office, we refer out to skilled practitioners in the community.

Active Referral Network of Health Practitioners
We maintain active referral relationships with many allied health care providers in the Olympia area.  We consider these practitioners a vital part of our ability to connect our patients with the unique set of services that they need to reach their health goals.

Sports & Fitness Services
Many of our patients are involved in sports and other endeavors.  These active lifestyles often lead to the need for injury management and coordinated care with other health care providers.  We provide these services and many more.  For more information see Cycling and Sports Services.