Cyclocross in 1976. Am I Tough Enough For It?

Okay, I’ve not posted much in the past few weeks, so here’s a gem I can’t wait to share. Hope this makes it all up to you. This video link was forwarded to me by a teammate today. It’s full of clips from the 1976 Cyclocross National Championships in Sunriver, Oregon. Watching this opens my eyes up to some incredible possibilities, actually. There’s a lot of crazy style these racers have. The equipment is mighty fine, including soccer shoes (s brand new pair of Sambas??) I mean seriously, feel some respect as you watch them bunny hopping logs with 30 lb. bikes and speeding along a treacherous course! Who needs fancy equipment? (btw, this comment does NOT include the notable absence of helmets.) Enjoy. I hope this warms your winter up.

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