Podcast Interview with Attorney and Cyclist Carter Hick

During the past few years, I’ve treated many cyclists who have been injured by motorists. It’s an unfortunate event, and the types of injuries are unique. What I’ve found is that there is a lot of confusion after an accident and that most cyclists don’t know what to do to protect their rights to treatment and recovery when such an event occurs.

I asked local personal injury attorney and cyclist, Carter Hick, to shed some light on the subject. Listen in on our conversation to find out what specific steps you need to take to get the right information from the driver, receive the treatment that you need, repair your bicycle, and recover some of the time and impact that an injury can have on your life. This interview is filled with answers to many of the questions that patients have asked me over the years. Carter Hick can be contacted directly for more information on this topic.

Listen to the Podcast!

Find out more about Carter Hick and his legal practice at www.olylaw.com

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