Podcast Interview with Janice Rosen of Progressive Body Training Systems

I recently invited Janice Rosen, of Progressive Body Training Systems to the office to talk to us about her work in the gym. We share a good number of clients, and we both work as instructors at 5th Avenue Fitness in Downtown Olympia, where she trains groups and individuals. I’m very glad she agreed to the interview, because I knew I’d learn a lot from getting together with her. Click below to listen to what she has to say about keeping her clients motivated, the cool equipment she uses, and what she thinks is important in a training program. If you think personal training is just about seeing how much weight you can push around the gym, keep your ears open and think about how adding Janice to your team can help you through your obstacles.

Listen to the Podcast!

Contact Info for Janice Rosen, CPT

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