Preventing Injuries When Starting a Group Fitness Class & Fitness Bootcamp

It’s December, and right now, many people are looking ahead to the end of the holidays and kicking off their new year with fitness goals! Group fitness classes and bootcamp style classes are very popular choices that are attracting many new participants. Although I love group fitness classes, and in fact teach one myself, I have to be honest and say that they are not all a bed of roses. I’ve watched people become transformed by these classes, but I’ve also seen a rise in the number of people I see in my clinic for related injuries, as well. This podcast introduces a few of my ideas as to why this may be, and also tips for helping to limit your chances of being injured in class. My perspective comes from being a chiropractor treating these injuries, and also from my experience in teaching a group fitness class for the past 7 years.

Listen to the Podcast!

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