USA Cycling Coaches Seminar this past weekend in Seattle

Did it rain this weekend? I don’t know. I know I missed a race I wanted to be in, but ultimately the trade off was a good one. Here’s a picture of me with Barney King, a USAC Elite Coach who is part of the Junior and Pro Racing scene. I, of course, am wearing that ridiculous shirt that my wife thought she gave away!

I spent most of the day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at a Seminar hosted by USA Cycling to be eligible for an upgrade of my coaching certificate from a level 3 to a level 2. During the 20 hours of training, we reviewed topics such as Bioenergetics, Training Plan Development for athletes, & Nutrition/Hydration. Since I am used to doing most of my continuing education every year in chiropractic, this was a great chance to be out of my usual box and meet new people from multiple disciplines who are cycling coaches. I also got to get my picture taken with Barney King and Sam Callen who are both part of USA Cycling and two of the three presenters for the weekend. I didn’t get a picture with Andy Subhudi, PhD, and I wish I had. He was probably one of the best instructors I’ve had in my life!

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