Getting Great Bikes to the Right People

I know that the bicycles I’ve had throughout my lifetime have been tools of change for me. More than just moving me from place to place, they’ve provided me with freedom, joy, speed, pain, and healing (okay, maybe an injury here and there…) Like magic, a bike ride can easily turn a bad day into a good one. I can’t imagine what I’d do or who I’d be if I didn’t have a bike.

Vetbikes AlexYoungI recently had a chance to visit with fellow RAD Racing NW dad, Alex Young. He’s become a steady presence at regional cyclocross races with a tent for The organization collects used parts and bikes and builds them up into high-quality rides that are then given to combat wounded and injured veterans. It’s a way to keep these vets active, rehabilitate injuries, and keep moving forward on a pathway of healing. Recently, they posted on their Facebook page that they had several high-quality bikes heading out to new homes for Christmas. Almost all of them were for combat wounded/PTSD soldiers.

If you have some parts or even a bike that you would like to donate to them this year, here’s more info on how you can help the most:

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