Below are links to a library of some of the videos and articles that I’ve produced for my practice. Many of them are used as educational tools for my patients. If you are not a patient of mine, please check with your doctor to make sure any of the material you view is appropriate for your condition.

Exercises & Self-Care Media
Core Activation- Daily Series video
Hip Hinge Exercise Demonstration video
Foam Roller Techniques for People with Lower Back Pain video
Thoracic Mobility Exercises video
Using “The Stick” to Stretch the Legs video
Using “The Stick” to Stretch the Legs pdf
Basic Stretching Techniques for Cyclists video
Basic Stretching Techniques for Cyclists pdf
Hip Lift Exercises/Gluteal Amnesia pdf

One Response to Videos

  1. Karen says:


    I have found your videos very useful (although I am nothing like as flexible as you!)

    I have problems with my upper shoulders (scalenes are very tight) and my posture is bad – this follows a broken elbow & frozen shoulder on the left hand side. I wondered if you had any videos addressing these areas in your library. I know shoulder/neck stiffness and pain is very common and I’m sure others would find a video helpful too.

    Thank you


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