What is Pain Trying to Tell Us?

Pain is a hot topic in my office, as it is in many other chiropractic offices.  It’s one of the main reasons that people are led to seek treatment.  In that way, it would seem that pain is accomplishing what it was designed to do:  It is a signal that something’s wrong and needs our attention.  Recently, I was re-reading Athletic Body in Balance by Gray Cook and came across these great answers to the question “What is Pain Trying to Tell Us?”

~You have poor form/technique
~You didn’t warm up
~You didn’t stretch
~You have muscular imbalances
~Your left and right body aren’t working together
~You are leaking/wasting energy and it’s becoming stress

I could add in a few other items to his list, like overtraining, acute trauma, etc.  But for now, that list is good and addresses some of the concerns that arise when pain sneaks up on us for no obvious reason.

The image is something that I found for a game called Pain.

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