Biking in this Economy

I read a great editorial in the recent issue of Bicycling Magazine (A Bike is Not a Luxery by Loren Mooney, April 2009.) In a time when so much seems out of control, she brings good focus to the things that we can have influence over. In this article, she names things like miles, hours, watts, and heart rate. All things that are far more within our influence than, say, the evening news, or the stock market. She didn’t mention other things that I also think make a bicycle an indispensible tool for self-discovery and emotional development. My reading of her editorial rekindles the coals of enjoyment in my sport, hobby, and passion for cycling.

Whether it has been the negative energy around me, an unusually weird full moon, or some other unknown force (dare I say collective national panic?) I’m ready to bring my focus to a stillpoint of calm and move forward again. This time, with a more robust appreciation for the opportunity to enjoy my rides… despite all else.

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