Breaking New Ground for SuperBack!

For the past three years, I’ve been teaching a core/back care class at 5th Avenue Fitness. Feeling like I’d been creating too deep of a rut with my collection of exercises, I bought a new Triathlete/Cyclist Core Exercise DVD from Carmichael Training Systems, for inspiration. The first time I watched the DVD, it was while eating a bowl of cereal with my feet up on my desk at home. Not exactly what was intended by Chris Carmichael, but even still, I nearly broke a sweat watching it. The second time through the 45 minute workout, I found myself really busting myself hard to keep up and finally had to skip out on some of the reps. Bottom line… room to grow on this video. During the past two weeks, I’ve gotten good feedback from the class about the new stuff. My favorite part has been expanding the number of exercises in the dynamic warm-up. Preview this video.

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