Taylor Phinney Making Some Chiropractic Noise I Like

Taylor Phinney is a guy to envy. Young, talented, destined to greatness… blah, blah, blah… that’s all been said in a million places. Even though he’s a bit noisy on Twitter, I follow him because there is something very intriguing about his perspectives as an 18 year old living the dream of being a rising star as a cyclist.

During the past week, a few of his postings have caught my eye. In one he posted a picture of his helmet that was broken in a recent bike crash. He goes on to encourage all cyclists to wear helmets, a point that I agree with, for sure. The second one that caught me was a tweet that he sent just after he saw his chiropractor to get “fixed up after his crash.” All I could think was… “Oh, yeah. Tell the world Taylor.”

For the past seven years, I’ve been cultivating my crush on Dr. Jeff Spencer’s career as a chiropractor working with world class athletes such as Lance Armstrong. This has come in the form of hundreds of hours of reading and seminars, including trainings with Dr. Spencer, himself. Sigh.

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