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Difficulty sleeping may be linked to your electronics…

Okay! I said it. Mounting evidence points towards the disruptive effects that backlit screens such as those found on iPads, tablets, and phones, can have on our sleep. Ironically, I first read about this small (but mighty) research study from … Continue reading

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What’s making your brain tick… or not. Another reason to rid diet soda from your diet.

Drinking soda has never been a big part of my lifestyle & nutrition choices, and I have lots of reasons why.  It doesn’t mean I won’t have an occasional soda, because I do, but they are certainly a rare treat. … Continue reading

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Good Sleep Habits Contribute to Better Health

We all know someone who can get by on just a few hours of sleep each night.  For most of us, though, we struggle to fit in all of our work & family responsibilities, fitness endeavors, playtime and other activities. … Continue reading

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Sick of Sweets While Riding Your Bike? Homemade Recipes May Be Your Answer

In the beginning, cycling seemed to be the perfect answer to my sweet tooth.  Most of the bars, gels, and drinks that are abundantly available are sweet, gooey delights.  And, oh so many flavors!!  But, seriously, there comes a point… … Continue reading

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What Books Are In My Bag?

There are a few books that I have been carrying back and forth to work over the past few months. Besides adding a few extra calories to my walk, they’ve been giving me new ideas and expanding the way I … Continue reading

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Massage after Exercise Decreases Inflammation and Increases Mitochondrial Growth

In over a decade of practice as a chiropractor, the main referral partners I have developed in the community are massage therapists. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the benefits they provide to our mutual patients in the … Continue reading

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Athletes, non-Athletes, and Sports Injuries

Over the past 10 years in practice, my interest in cycling and the athletic lifestyle have driven me to learn more about sports injuries and athletic recovery.  It’s been crucial for me to become well-versed in these topics because of … Continue reading

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Using “The Stick” to Improve Recovery after Exercise

It was a pretty athletic morning for me… after tennis coverage got rained out, I switched over to gymnastics and watched some of the USA Gymnastics Championships. I was totally excited to see some of the athletes using “The Stick” … Continue reading

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