Core Activation Exercise Series

Taking care of your spine is like taking care of your teeth… Flossing/brushing every once in a while isn’t going to give you a healthy mouth. Similarly, doing core exercises every once in a while isn’t going to make a healthy/strong back that will support you in your endeavors, whatever they may be.

The exercises in this short series are designed to activate the core muscles and build a foundation of stability for the spine. I picked each one of these exercises because they challenge us in a particular direction/motion.

Ideally, this series can be completed three times through on a daily basis.

1. Lower Back Bridge (30 sec)
2. Front Plank (30 sec)
3. Side Bridge (30 sec)
4. Bird Dog (12 repetitions- 1 sec hold)
5. Hip Hinge (12 repetitions)
6. Modified Founder (hold 20 sec per position)

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