Core Exercise and the “Foundation” Training Philosophy

Throughout the year,  I’ve given many of my patients a new exercise called the “Founder.”  It’s a little bit yoga and a little bit pilates in its origin.  I’ve also been using a new series/progression of similar exercises in a core exercise class that I teach.  These exercises are inspired by the work of Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park in their book “Foundation,” which came out earlier this year.  For me, the book came out at the right time.  I was looking for a resource to offer to patients to learn more about creating a healthier back.  For that purpose, and more, I love this book.

For a chance to learn about the techniques offered in the book and to hear Dr. Goodman speak about the philosophy that drives his mission, I hope you’ll take the time to watch this 15 minute lecture he did for the TEDx Talk series. If you spend any amount of your day working in a chair, this is something you shouldn’t miss!

Be on the lookout as I will be doing more to incorporate these philosophies into the clinic, classes, and articles in the coming months. Til’ then… Do a founder!

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  1. Mark Kaufman says:

    The TED talk was very interesting and the set of videos he published on YouTube look like they will be useful. Would love to talk about this more when I see you next.

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