Strength & Endurance Training Gets a Good Billing for Cyclists

Most cyclists are looking for a little bit more speed, especially at the elite level. A new article takes a look at the historically controversial topic of the effects of strength training programs on cycling performance. As background on this topic, you should know that there are cyclists who don’t go near the gym any time of the year because they are afraid of building muscle that either doesn’t help them go faster or makes them heavier (and harder to push up hills!) I don’t know what the effects of the training program where on cyclist’s overall weight, but the authors of this study do report improvements in endurance performance in 5 minute tests (3% increased performanc) and 45 minute tests (8-10% improved performance.) From my perspective as a healthcare provider, I know the effects of having muscle imbalances from cycling and that strength training is one of the ways to balance them out. Most of us are not elite level athletes and we are also responsible for activities outside of cycling… like loading/unloading groceries, taking out the trash, moving a couch, etc. These are EXCELLENT reasons to strength train and be as strong as you can to prevent injuries.

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