Dr. Andy is hitting the books this weekend in Seattle!

One of the things I like about my profession is that the opportunities for learning are vast and the methods I use to take care of patients comes from many places.  Being as close as we are to Seattle, my opportunities are awesome!  This weekend I will be spending my weekend learning at a seminar presented by Dr. Chris J. Colloca, D.C.  He is a bright shining star in chiropractic research, development, and patient care.  He has spent years of his professional life devoted to furthering our understanding of the spine and nervous system, so that others of us can continue to evolve.  He also has a great talent for taking incredibly complex subjects and boiling them down to what matters in everyday practice.  Here’s to a long weekend of having my brain filled up so I can take care of you better! Below is an interview with Dr. Colloca if you are curious.


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