Gluteal Amnesia Article

I’ll admit it.  It may seem odd to some for a chiropractor to be writing an article about gluteal muscles.  The truth is, however, that I’d venture to say that most if not all of my low back pain patients should be doing exercises to target strengthen these muscles rather than focusing on their backs.  “Gluteal amnesia” is a condition that occurs when the hips stop working correctly.  They either don’t activate or they don’t activate at the right time.  This can happen to people who are very active or very in-active and everything in between.  This movement imbalance can end up forcing the joints above and below (knees and lower back) to work in ways they weren’t designed to move.  The result?  Stress, pain, inflammation, etc. on these joints.  You might have gluteal amnesia if you have some of the following symptoms: hip, knee, or lower back stiffness/pain, sciatica/leg pain, loss of range of motion of the hips/legs, hamstring tightness.  Honestly, that just about covers EVERYONE who comes into my office!  I recently wrote an article for the Capital Bicycle Club newsletter that reviews a progression of exercises designed to get you… and your glutes moving better.   Click for the PDF.


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