Gratitude For Bike Friendly Roads

It’s true, sometimes, that you never know how good you’ve got it until you don’t have it any more. Last weekend I took a trip to meet up with family in Eastern Texas. Originally, I had hatched an elaborate plan to rent a bike in Dallas, then take it with me so I could ride in the mornings in the warmth of a Texas spring. Sounds great, right? Well, here’s how it played out in reality:

First, I wouldn’t have traded any of those precious seconds that I had to share with my family, because, really, I can ride any time I want. I rarely get to see my family.

Second, riding in East Texas would have scared the Lycra right off my butt! The lanes we were driving on were way undersized for the vehicles, and the posted speeds were in the 70mph range! Not a good mix in my experience. It sure was beautiful, though, and sans large format tires, would have been lovely riding.

One other quick note… Don’t step out in front of vehicles in Texas, even if you have a pedestrian crossing and pedestrian crossing signs. It’s fine to wave, but don’t try crossing the street. Wait until there isn’t a car in sight!

I’m back at my home-based riding program again, and anticipating racing tomorrow morning at the Independance Valley Road Race in Rochester, WA. The route is mapped here:

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