Latest Bike Crush / Fostering Success

Since I got to see my new bike at the Expo, I’ve been thinking a lot about it. There is just something to be said for a new bike that isn’t like anything else. I’ve pretty much loved every bike I’ve ever owned, except for one 35 pound piece of junk that I just couldn’t stand for a minute, even though it was my only bike for four years! Anyway, been doing a little dreaming about racing next cyclocross season on my new ride.

I also want to expand on something else I have been thinking about since Saturday’s presentation by Chris Carmichael. It is in regards to his comment about creating an environment around yourself that allows you to even consider the achievement of goals. He told a story about Lance Armstrong that demonstrates this. According to Chris, Lance would go out and check his bike and ride it around even after his world-class mechanics had already completed their meticulous work for the night. Sometimes all would be well, other times, something would be adjusted or changed in the set-up. How would you feel if someone like this was checking your work? What it offered him, though, was absolute confidence in the controllable factors of his game. Chris offered that lance’s attention to these details was one of the factors that went into achieving his ultimate goal. It’s also contributed to the unbelievable fact that he only had one flat tire during 7 consecutive TDF rides/victories. What does it mean to me if I have 7 flats during 1 ride? Something to ponder.

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