Independance Valley Reconnoitre

Here’s the view from 6 feet 6 inches off the ground:

Total Ride Time: 3:59:16
Total Distance: 75.09
Ave Speed: 18.90 (for real?)
APR Ave HR: 146 (middle top of Zone 2)
APR Max HR: 168 (Zone 5a… oops)

Today’s ride was probably my best personal ride with the team. About this time last year, I could hold similar effort but only for about 35 miles then I’d have my SLOW rides back home. On this 70+ mile ride I spent a lot of time hanging at the back, though I did take turns through on the rotations. I found that I was really feeling it after my week, and couldn’t stay more than about 45-60 sec. At least I know the feeling and what to do now. Bail. My 168 max for this ride is about 10 beats below my MAX hr, so I was burning pretty hot on the climbing in Independance Valley. It was great to see this course, though, because last time I was here was when I raced here last year. I never made it up the first hill with the group and ended up riding three laps by myself or with other stragglers (who all told me that they had just gotten on their bikes for the first time after months of being off. Whatever.) I ended up finishing with the group which made all the work feel very good. Not sure if I’ll see this course again before racing on it in the spring.

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