Tour Down Under (and Lance) is rolling!

Well, there it is. The first race in the world has started the 2009 year off with a bang! I watched the Tour Down Under online this morning and remembered how exciting it is to watch everything that happens in a race. According to VeloNews, there were about 140,000 spectators there to watch. To tell you the truth, I would have wanted to be there myself. I am a Lance Armstrong fan and to see him race again is very exciting for me. Watching him dominate in the TDF for years is one of the inspirations that got me back on my bike after many years of ignoring it.

Hearing Phil Liggett announcing the racing was very reminiscent of staying up late on summer nights watching the TDF and trying not to doze off until everyone started getting “twitchy” which would keep me awake.

No matter what Lance does in these first races, one of my main interests is watching what happens to him through the year. He is doing a very interesting experiment with his body. I hate to say it, but his birthday is September 18, 1971, and that sort of rhymes with December 18, 1971, which is mine… So, in a way, I’m interested in what he’s doing because it inspires me and gives me something to think about that is bigger than me.

In his commentary during the pre-Tour Down Under criterium, Phil Liggett made a statement that Lance Armstrong has been training like a “madman.” (Referencing Lance Armstrongs unprescedented January form. This leads me to smile a bit because I know from my studies and interactions with his doctor (Jeff Spencer), that while he is indeed training hard, he’s resting even more. I smile because Phil Liggett has inspired me to set the tone and focus of my writing in this blog to the topic of maximizing RECOVERY in cycling.

G’day, Andy

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