Introducing the Stealth Align foam roller by MuuvSport

Recently, Michael Palizzi, Founder and CEO of Olympia’s own MuuvSport dropped off a very unique looking foam roller for me to try out in the office. He and co-founder/VP, Ernest Peralta, refer to the Stealth Align as the next generation of foam roller, as it departs from the typical cylindrical shape of most foam rollers. They have succeeded in creating a roller that targets the muscles just to the side of the spine while at the same time keeping pressure directly off the bones of the spine. To my own delight, the Stealth Align provides a unique stretch to this area and has consistently given me fast and effective relief. Part of my daily work involves leaning over patients many times a day and can certainly give my back stress and tension, and this feels great to stretch over. Like any foam roller, it’s convenient enough to have around and use throughout the day. They also provide a large selection of videos and other material to support the use of the product. I hope you will take the time to listen to a recent interview with Michael Palizzi to learn more about the Stealth Align and MuucSport.

Listen to the Podcast!

Here’s a video of how they use the Stealth Align for targeting the muscles of the middle back:

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  1. Janine Nicolaisen says:

    A foam roller is cylindrical device constructed from dense foam. Originally, athletes used foam rollers to compress and massage very specific areas of muscle tension and pain. These areas, called trigger points (or more commonly known as a knot) develop over time and must be untangled to recover muscle to its original length. A muscular knot is a muscle that’s tangled-up in the fascia of our skin. Regular massage of trigger points sends signals to the brain to start a process called myofascial release, which frees your muscle from your surrounding fascia.”,

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