Reflections on The Low Back Class

I had a great time preparing for and teaching my first workshop in the office over the weekend.  Once I got my jitters out and we started doing the exercises I set out to teach, the time started flying by.  As always, every day is a learning opportunity, and that’s ESPECIALLY true on those days that we bill ourselves as the teacher.  Here’s what I learned from my day as teacher:  I have a lot to learn.  I’m always inspired by those who willingly throw themselves into learning something new.  I can only hope that I am as flexible and receptive.  I’m also constantly inspired by the persistence of my patients.  I’ve lived with lower back pain for most of my life, and it’s definitely guided the direction of my life.  As I see others and talk to them, I can see the same impact that chronic back pain and other ailments have had on their lives.  I look forward to doing the workshop again and being present to what I have to learn.

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  1. Tim Andruss says:

    No jitters noted Andy. A belated thank you for the valuable, well delivered Low Back Class materials. The foam roller and I are becoming much better friends now. Additionally, I found the before and after cross-section slides of muscle fibers a keen motivator for being more diligent with my after-activity muscle care. See you soon, Tim

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