Spring is Coming, The Daffodils Told Me So!

As I went down to my office to get my bike and gear today, I stepped out into 29F weather, fog, and 96% humidity. That has been pretty much the norm since last Sunday’s “Grit Ride.” To my surprise, there were daffodil bulbs poking up out of the ground about 2 inches. I waited a few seconds before asking them if they really thought they were ready to come up, yet. They stiffly nodded “yes,” as if to say, “If not now, when?” May God help them in their quest.

As for me, today is our first “mock race.” As a team, we’ll be warming up together from the Valley out to the Boston Harbor Circuit race course for a lap. Then, we’ll split into categories and leave in 30 second intervals as category teams, with the Cat 1-2’s leaving last. The idea will be to try and maintain a breakaway as long as we can as a team before being swallowed by the swelling peleton. Then, whatever is left over after 6 laps at the end gets put into the finishline. 🙂

Last year, I did this race and got dropped on the first lap as we passed in front of the start/finish. That left me to ride by myself for 4 of 5 laps. Hopefully, today, I’ll have more gas in the tank. Besides, now I have some very sturdy daffodils to inspire me to go for it, no matter whether it seems like the right time or not.

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