Tour of California Twit and my New PUMP!

I’ve been keeping in touch with the Tour of California in a pretty interesting way: Via Twitter. For about the past week, I have been getting “personal” text messages from stars and coaches of the Tour. For instance, I’ve pretty much known every time Lance is getting a massage, eating, or harassing his teammate Chris Horner. (I feel your pain, Chris.) I’ve also heard quite a bit from Ivan Basso who has returned to cycling after an enforced, um, break from competition. I think some of my favorites have come from him because of his broken English which comes through quite heavily on his postings. My favorite posting, by far is “i eat now.” Got it! 🙂

After a long weekend of riding, I got the chance today to have a nice low pace ride with a few hills. Also we stopped off at JoyRide today to pick up a new pump since I am tired of carrying around CO2 cartridges and not using them because I think they are a waste. I’d rather have the pump, you know. Seems like the right thing. I got a Topeak Morph with a pressure guage. One of my teammates helped me out with it on one of my flats over the weekend. It worked so smoothly, it was like using my floor pump at home. There’s nothing worse than having a soft tire when I’m tired and working hard. Anyway, my latest bike crush is the Topeak Morph Road G Master Blaster. Happy riding!

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