St. Patty’s Day Wishes

These are some of our patient’s wishes for St. Patrick’s Day:

~I wish Oly had an Italian Deli.
~I wish for Peace on Earth.
~I wish that you know LOVE.
~I wish I had a fireplace (and a livingroom.)
~I wish I had a canoe.
~I wish Dan could play Cribbage.
~I wish I were in preschool right now.
~I wish my birthday was a National Holiday.
~I wish that I had Luke’s bike.
~I wish for a prosperous and sustainable future.
~I wish for a bountiful garden.
~I wish my cats would let me sleep for more than 3 hours at a time.
~I wish I lived in a Dome Home.
~I wish I could teleport.
~I wish for a prosperous future.
~I wish for a true love.
~I wish for my granddaughter’s healthy outcome.
~I wish my family would come visit.
~I wish I could be a goat.
~I wish I didn’t have to be here.
~I wish I were a female singer-songwriter.
~I wish my moma would move to Olympia.
~I wish it would stop raining on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at lunch.
~I wish for a new pair of bike shoes.
~I wish to make a heart as a present for Dr. Andy.
~I wish I had super powers. (invisible forcefield, transport, shapeshift, superfast)
~I wish I had a puppy.
~I wish I could solve the Rubik’s cube.
~I wish I could eat cheese.
~I wish I didn’t cashier anymore!
~I wish I could own a farm (yay for chickens!)
~I wish I could grow taller.
~I wish all kids could have free healthcare!


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