Whatcha Doin’ with Those Old Bike Tires?

Even though cycling is a relatively “green” form of transportation, it’s not a lifestyle that is devoid of environmental costs. Unless you are extra crafty or creative, there are only so many chapstick carriers and braided belts you can fashion from your old bike tires and tubes. The truth is that most tires and tubes end up in landfills. Some companies offer to re-use these items, and this is great, but often they are selective as to what kind of materials they will collect. One alternative to that in the Olympia WA community is to take them to Les Schwab (yes, the “Free Beef” people.) They have a trailer out in the back of their downtown shop where they collect used auto tires, destined for recycling. When I spoke with their manager recently, he was more than happy to accept bike tires and tubes for free by just tossing them in the trailer. Join in the fun!

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