Wheels o’ Thunder came out of nowhere to collect 8 prizes this year!

We’ll it’s been a little quiet on the Blog-front at Rosser Chiro, but I’ve got a million great excuses! One of them I’ll report on here. Wheels o’ Thunder, as you may recall was our cute little office bicycle commuter contest team that I wanted to get started back in April. Well, we went kinda crazy during May…

What started as a goal of 10 riders went to 12, then 24, and ultimately to 31! I was overwhelmed after the first week when our riders turned in nearly 800 miles for a partial week. Originally, I was hoping to get in 1000 team miles for the whole month of May! I like expanding my dreams, though, and got a little ambitious, by pumping it up to 2000 miles, then 2500, and finally to 5000. It seemed perfectly amazing, and guess what? We DID IT! We ended up with more than 5050 miles. That amounts to some other fun estimated statistics:

Estimated Gallons of Gas Saved: 241 gallons
Estimated Greenhouse Gasses Saved (CO2): 4712 lbs
Estimated Calories Burned While Cycling: 202,232
Average miles per participant: 163 miles

In addition to six individual awards in various categories, the team took home two awards. We placed 2nd in total days ridden by first time contest riders and 3rd overall for total team miles. Wheels o’ Thunder made a big impact this year in our community, and I’m already thinking of how to build a group that can double our miles for next year!

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