Inspiration at the 2008 Seattle Bike Expo

I spent all day Saturday in Seattle at Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike Expo. Among their guest presenters, I was there to mostly to see Chris Carmichael, but of course thoroughly enjoyed seeing presentations by Katie Compton (of cyclocross fame), Craig Undem (from CycleU), and Paul Swift/Dr. Katrina Vogler from BikeFit, and others.

One of my favorite presentations came from Chris Carmichael in a talk that he gave entitled “Achieving Unrelenting Excellence.” Of course this was inspired by his work with Lance Armstrong and the other athletes that he coaches in his company Carmichael Training Systems. Here’s the skinny, short and sweet. These are the characteristics necessary for achieving what you set out to do:

~Possess an Unrelenting Desire for Excellence
~Create an Environment of Achieving Excellence
~Never Stop Looking for Innovations
~Develop a Passion for the Process of Achievement
~Nurture Your Talents
~Don’t Get Into a Position of Defense, Keep Moving Forward
~Provide Clear Leadership
~Fulfill the Promises of Leadership, be a Role Model

I also got to see my new cyclocross bike, which I should be able to get before summer starts. It’s the CX1 by Norco.

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