My First 100 Mile Weekend in a While

Not that I had really set it as a goal or anything, but after a 70 mile ride on Saturday with the team and the opportunity to ride again on Sunday, 100 miles seemed like the obvious choice as a stopping place. The best news of the year so far is that compared to last year, I’m feeling like a different (read: better) rider.

About twelve months ago, I braved my first team rides and would end up being wiped out from a 40 or 50 mile weekend. Many of those rides I ended up coming home alone because I couldn’t keep up without
feeling like I was going to throw up or pass out. Going in to work on Monday, feeling “less than fresh” made me wonder what I was doing to myself, but kept at it anyway. A year of solid riding, good mentoring, and a season of racing looks like it may have paid off for this beginner. But, really, folks, I think that’s quite enough jinxing for one post…

Saturday’s ride was 28 or so strong as it left from the Valley. I didn’t count, but I think the group was half men, half women. The route patched together a few rides that I’ve done many times, but never all at once. As always, I’m totally impressed by the route leaders who seem to know every rural turn that exists and can work through course options on the fly. My inability to find my way around is one of my biggest motivations for building my fitness, truth be known.

I almost couldn’t remember what it felt like to ride my carbon bike after riding my cyclocross bike for months and months now. It felt cushy after all the road miles on my fendered cross bike this year! Still, by the end of it, going up French Loop, I did have nasty little cramps in my quads when I tried to stand up. Guess that’s show biz! Oh, I also didn’t mind the pauses in intensity as we had to stop for several flats along the way.
Day 2 of my weekend was riding down past Millersylvania State Park for about an hour out and an hour back. I rode with the CBC Fitness ride from The Bike Stand. Besides feeling my legs from the day before, I felt good and was perfectly happy to sit in the back of this group and let them muscle forward so I could just cruise along. I think they went on to Tenino and back

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