Welcome, Britt Fitness!

BrittBioWe’re so proud to announce that Britt McVicar has chosen to operate her personal training and coaching business Britt McVicar Fitness within Rosser Chiropractic.  After 13 years of having my table in the same ole place, this is a very welcomed change for us!  For those of you familiar with the office, I’ve moved my workspace behind the big orange wall, but don’t worry, there’s an even bigger orange wall in there!!

Britt and I have spent several weeks developing her new workspace and creating the new gym space.  Little by little, we’ve added in the new features: a new floor, new kettlebells, a cable stack machine…  shortly, we’ll also have a few TRX stations!  (I know… makes your core shiver just to think of it…  MINE TOO!)

Britt and I will be combining our expertise to bring you awesome programming and integrated care to help you when you need it most.  We’re looking forward to collaborating on treatment plans, evaluating your gym programs, and creating new ways for you to learn how to take care of your body and make it strong.

You can learn more about Britt here.


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